Guy Continues On Insane Tinder Freakout

This Creep Offended A Girl towards Canceling Their Tinder Date… Next Went 110% Bonkers

The Story

So you match with a female on Tinder, while start talking. You struck it off — it’s a genuine talk, not just monosyllabic grunts and emoji and looooooong intervals of silence. Circumstances be seemingly going really, you put up a date. 

And then you make an off-color laugh that she doesn’t take really. So terribly, in fact, that she cancels the big date. Rough. 

Where do you turn next? Well, luckily, some dude around gave all of us the actual best playbook for what to accomplish, after imgur individual msmessyclean uploaded screenshots of their ill-fated convo. Talk about this mess watching the insane blossom from a spark into a raging insanity blaze.

The Picture

The Lesson

Basically, the takeaway from any outrageous Tinder freakout comes down to this: you shouldn’t be batpoop crazy. Sometimes you just need to take the L, move on and hold swiping. But there are lots of damn good concrete takeaways: